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Dr Who Eps for Ed

First three episodes of season 3 on Gigasize, which has been oddly cooperative lately...




Hoorayyy David Tennant!
I have made the coolest stencil of my life.

Bowser vs BlueCollapse )

I dunno. Definitely nothing fancy, because I don't know the first thing about working with graphics on the computer, but I think it'll end up looking cool on shirts and whatnot-- even if no one else knows who the boys on fence are meant to be ;)

Busy wasting time...

It's been about ten days since I got home. In this time, I've:

1. Seen the third Shrek with sister
2. Had lunch with Lauren before she left for Maine
3. Seen the third Pirates with Erika and Kathan
4. Offically begun my foray into veganism
5. Baked vegan apple walnut bread and vegan oatmeal banana raisin cookies
6. Read Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go
7. Been shopping three times for food in prep for mother's 50th birthday party
8. Baked a five foot caterpillar cake for said party
9. Accepted enthusiastic compliments on new hair during said party \o/
10. Stencilled two shirts
11. Spent surprisingly little time on the computer

That's... kinda sad. In between these accomplishments I've mainly been sitting on the couch watching TV. At some point throughout the past week and a half, I also helped my siblings with various bits of homework and projects, doing the lettering on their poster boards and shouting 'FEET' when Leah yelled 'PIES?'

...she was doing Spanish homework.

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Thursday is the Lincoln Upper School Graduation, and it looks like I'm going... It'll be another day full of wide-eyed reactions to my hair, and hopefully a minimum of awkward moments with old teachers.

I am Hercules!

I haven't felt this good about a physical feat since that ultimately misguided venture into Crew a few years ago! I've been thinking about all the packing I need to do for about a week, see, and I finally got around to taking steps towards packing this afternoon (heh, spoken like a true procrastinator...), which is actually pretty good for me, considering I'm flying out at the asscrack of dawn on Saturday.

I didn't exactly plan on exerting the Herculean effort these steps turned out to require, but now that they're done I feel especially proud of myself. I even bought myself a sandwich as a reward, though I'd already had soup for dinner. It's a kinda weird sounding sandwich, but it's really, really good: mature cheddar and apple chutney on poppyseed bread. Mmm.

Okay, so it's not THAT impressive, but...Collapse )

But hooray for progress in the packing department! I have a load of whites in the laundry now, my ipod is updated and fully charged, and I ran into the guy I like on my way to buy the bins BEFORE the rain made me fringe spazz in protest (this last is unrelated to packing, but still something to \o/ for).
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I HAVE RYAN ROSS HAIR and it is awesome. I didn't even ask for side sweepy fringe, it wasn't in any of the pictures-- she just did it, because she must have sensed telepathically that I kinda thought it'd be cool. GENIUS HAIRDRESSER. I tipped her 5 quid, though Amalia told me later that people don't tip hairstylists here, in her experience, so I dunno. Whatever. I LOVE MY HAIR.

/end superficial exultation.

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I felt a bit silly about the avoidance when Jonny texted me that I was depriving him of the arc's ending. Oops.

I <3 my creepy show

I'm a bit of a television whore, though recently the amount of time I dedicate to my shows in general has definitely dropped off. Especially now that exams are over, though, I intend to get back to (and catch up on) House, Criminal Minds, SVU, Doctor Who, CSI:NY, The L Word, Heroes, The Office... the list goes on. Also planning on downloading some shows I've only been semi-into in the past, like Gilmore Girls (even though Lorelai makes me twitch), maybe Alias or Desperate Housewives... and a few newer shows look good-- Dexter, The Tudors, and Ugly Betty.

Tonight I caught up on Criminal Minds, on which I'd been two episodes behind, as they apparently didn't air episode 21 out of respect for the massacre at Virginia tech (a coincidence that reminded me of when that episode where Buffy can hear people's thoughts got shelved, as it was set to air the week following the Columbine shooting...).

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Note to Self:

Must start using this thing more than once every few months. Starting now.