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still catching up...

I dunno if this makes me a sucker, but I was on edge throughout the entire season finale of CSI:NY. Every member of the team is placed in a life threatening situation that lasts throughout the episode (with the exception of Lindsay, which is a shame, as I'd kinda like to see her axed, and Flack, despite the shoot-out in the opening, as I doubted the writers would almost-kill him two finales in a row). Adam is tortured! Burned! I was half-expecting Danny to find him already dead, wondered if maybe the actor was leaving the show or his contract had run out or the writers were just being mean, because I really like Adam. He's so lovable and awkward, and when I saw him all bloody and cowering in self-loathing at what he'd told his captors I remembered him mentioning in that episode with Nelly Fertado that his dad was bully, to explain why he could identify signs of past physical abuse in the shoplifter. Just... no one should be allowed to beat up Adam. I'm glad I only saw a bit of it in flashback.

Watching the Irish mob guys beat Danny was almost as bad-- finger stomping and face kicking and his mouth was actually streaming blood when they have him call Flack (which, okay-- that detail I appreciated, but I'm happy with absolutely any Danny/Flack interaction). I have decided to interpret the nightmare Danny finds at the warehouse as the universe's way of being similarly anti-Danny/Lindsay, as all this shit goes down the day after they sleep together, presumably for the first time if Lindsay's little waking comments are anything to go by. Gah. That scene nearly killed me. Although I laughed when it flashes back to them drinking and playing pool the night before, because in the previous ep it was Danny and Flack drinking and playing pool. Also, by the end of the episode, Danny seems to have realized what shit luck their ill-advised affair has brought on him-- because it was technically supposed to be Lindsay meeting Adam that day. And Danny says nothing when Lindsay points this out. Therefore, I will maintain my belief that Danny and Flack are secretly hot for each other, and bask in the scenes from '...Comes Around,' in which Flack praises Danny's balls. \o/

Of course, I was also concerned for Mac, Stella and Hawkes-- well, maybe not for Mac, but only because he's basically ace in any situation under the sun and his Marine moves never let him down. But Hawkes is surprisingly awesome, headlocking the bad dude and threatening him with his coroner's exacto-saw. Hooray Sheldon! This ep was almost more thriller/action movie than forensics show, but it was cool how the three of them work their 'case' to find out about the cocaine robbers and agitate the leader. Good job, show.

And hooray for London-bound Mac! Seven weeks of accumulated vacation time... oh, Mac.

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