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Busy wasting time...

It's been about ten days since I got home. In this time, I've:

1. Seen the third Shrek with sister
2. Had lunch with Lauren before she left for Maine
3. Seen the third Pirates with Erika and Kathan
4. Offically begun my foray into veganism
5. Baked vegan apple walnut bread and vegan oatmeal banana raisin cookies
6. Read Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go
7. Been shopping three times for food in prep for mother's 50th birthday party
8. Baked a five foot caterpillar cake for said party
9. Accepted enthusiastic compliments on new hair during said party \o/
10. Stencilled two shirts
11. Spent surprisingly little time on the computer

That's... kinda sad. In between these accomplishments I've mainly been sitting on the couch watching TV. At some point throughout the past week and a half, I also helped my siblings with various bits of homework and projects, doing the lettering on their poster boards and shouting 'FEET' when Leah yelled 'PIES?'

...she was doing Spanish homework.

I thought Shrek the Third was hilarious (Donkey and Puss body switching! Medieval fairytale meets modern high school!) and adorable (BABY DONKEY-DRAGONS!). I enjoyed the villain-cameos as well, like Captain Hook and the mean trees (from Wizard of Oz?).

Can't say the same for PotC, which I thought was a waste of three hours and $10. It was pointlessly and exasperatingly complicated, and could have been condensed into half its running time without the endless twisting and turning and backtracking. I thought the end was a joke-- Will and Elizabeth spent maybe five minutes interacting with each other throughout the entire film, and then we're supposed to be distraught when it turns out they can never be together? Quite a few scenes were also surprisingly morbid, considering this is Disney-- the opening scene, for instance, where they show dozens of people being hanged, including a rotten-toothed little boy; and the whole father-cutting-out-his-son's-heart and husband-giving-wife-his-heart-for-safekeeping thing was kinda gross.

My disappointment with the third Pirates was kinda crystallized upon watching the first again, which has been playing on USA for the past few days. The first is so insanely awesome, with one-on-one duels and memorable dialogue and interesting characterization and a plot that you can actually follow with anticipation. By comparison, the third is endless, dizzy chaos. The second two have nothing going for them except maybe cool special effects. Fuck the effects! So many movies are hanging themselves with their huge budgets these days.

The veganism hasn't been as difficult as I thought it'd be, and my parents have been pretty supportive of this whole diet experiment-- my mom has kept the fridge stocked with soy drinks, my dad bought vegan wine, among a truckload of other liquor, for Mom's 50th birthday (we found Yellow Tail and Beringer that qualified) and he found these Indian organic frozen dinners that are dairy- and egg-free. The siblings have been skeptical, though Leah ate half the vegan stuff I baked.

Regular baking is torture, as I found out while making the caterpillar cake for my mom. No licking frosting off my finger, or tasting the mixing spoon, and no slice for me during the party. And it smelled so good. I was surprised at my will power.

I don't have a photo uploaded of the five foot cake yet, but it was basically a much bigger version of this:

Erm... ignore Leah in the background :P

Since the party I've been lounging around and not showering. Yesterday I decided to become a person again, took a long shower and broke out the stencilling supplies. Made myself two dinosaur stencils and by midnight I'd finished two shirts:


Thursday is the Lincoln Upper School Graduation, and it looks like I'm going... It'll be another day full of wide-eyed reactions to my hair, and hopefully a minimum of awkward moments with old teachers.


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Jun. 7th, 2007 02:56 am (UTC)
i wanna stencil with you!
come to maine, dearie.

btw, i got the lowdown on the wine situation for you.
you know, that whole animal thing you were talking about.
Jun. 8th, 2007 04:39 am (UTC)
Re: jessieeeeee
I just made the most badass stencil of my life-- 3 layers!! You gotta see it. I wanna take a roadtrip to Maine soon, hopefully sometime in the next 2 weeks, before Cor leaves for England... how's that sound?

And what's the deal with the wine?
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