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I <3 my creepy show

I'm a bit of a television whore, though recently the amount of time I dedicate to my shows in general has definitely dropped off. Especially now that exams are over, though, I intend to get back to (and catch up on) House, Criminal Minds, SVU, Doctor Who, CSI:NY, The L Word, Heroes, The Office... the list goes on. Also planning on downloading some shows I've only been semi-into in the past, like Gilmore Girls (even though Lorelai makes me twitch), maybe Alias or Desperate Housewives... and a few newer shows look good-- Dexter, The Tudors, and Ugly Betty.

Tonight I caught up on Criminal Minds, on which I'd been two episodes behind, as they apparently didn't air episode 21 out of respect for the massacre at Virginia tech (a coincidence that reminded me of when that episode where Buffy can hear people's thoughts got shelved, as it was set to air the week following the Columbine shooting...).

Open Season was good, I thought. I like how the writers always try to show the characters interacting while away from the grimness of their job, and the opening scene makes Prentiss seem more integrated with the girls of the team. She's still not in my Top 8 or anything, but... I may be warming to her. She seemed genuinely affected by the case, which humanized her, though she is verging on being too perfect: it seems like every episode we learn about another talent hidden up her sleave (or I dunno, would you call spending time in the wilderness as a child a talent?).

The unsubs' choice of weapon kinda got to me-- ever since reading We Need to Talk About Kevin, compact bows have freaked me out. I think I'd rather be shot through the chest with a bullet than an arrow, tbh. So yeah, this killing team was properly anxiety-inducing.

Also! Facial recognition! I always get a kick out of recognizing minor TV actors on various shows-- and when you watch shows with patients/victims/villains of the week (House, CM, SVU, CSI...) you start recognizing faces pretty quickly. I do realize this is a sad indicator of how much of my life is spent watching TV :P

First Face: Larry Sullivan! Who, okay-- I didn't know from a past show, but he is mainly a TV actor, from what I can tell from IMDB. I recognized the second he came onscreen as the dark-haired adorable one from The Trip, a movie about two guys who fall in love and are stupidly separated and then reunited, only for the blond one to die... It was sad. And cute. And they were hot. Erm, anyway. He was really good in this ep! He came so close to crying when he had to tell Alex's dad his son was dead! Very, er-- emotive. It was a rather wrecking scene.

Here's Larry:

What a cutie!

Looking not so cute this episode was the second face I recognized: the Gypsy Boy Who Swallowed A Toothpick on House! Poor guy had even worse luck on this show, as he dies from multiple stab wounds to the chest (an unusal end for an unsub). The actor did a good job, though-- I sorta even felt sympathetic towards him at the end, when he begs them not to shoot his brother and cries when he hears the shots in the distance. IMDB tells me his name is Jake Richardson, and O my-- I technically know him from two shows, as he played Fudge's older brother on the TV version of those Judy Blume books. Crazy connections.

Here's Jake:

Eh, I prefer Larry.

Then I watched Legacy, which was an extremely creepy, Saw-esque episode. I've never actually seen any of the Saw movies, but I've managed to get the gist via my brother, who seems to have enjoyed them. Bleh. He liked Hostel, too- which I also refuse to see. I can barely stand the gore on this show, sometimes! And this ep was definitely one of those times-- I watched the scenes that followed the prostitute lady as she tried to find her way out of the meat-packing district with my hands on my face, in case I needed a swift eye-shield.

Normally, I would have found the end a bit anticlimatic-- as if the FBI has shown up and shot the guy too soon-- but I was in such a state at the that point I just wanted the unsub apprehended so I could breathe again. Definitely the creepiest ep I've seen in a while. It made me hope that the writer's had been inspired more by recent horrow films than actual past BAU cases, as they apparently tend to do...

I kinda also wished we'd found out more about the unsub; we get a pit from his petrified delivery guy, but absolutely nothing about the man who did the sadistic maze-machinations and the slicing/dicing/burning. Then again, this served to make him even creepier. Unlike the hunter brothers from the previous ep, there was no way I was spotting the least bit of humanity in this dude.

And ahahaha:

Prentiss: How did you guys do?
Hotch: Well, Reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to--
Reid: *nods the affirmative*
Morgon: *blanches at Reid*
Hotch: --but we didn't find anybody who thinks they'd seen the unsub.


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