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I have made the coolest stencil of my life.

Seriously, I think it even beats the currently 3-layered Bowser Stencil of Escalating Complexity, which is still incomplete. For comparative purposes, I'll post the middle layer:

Anyone who has ever played Mario Kart with me knows that Bowser is:
a) awesome


b) mine

So I have a lot of love for this stencil already, though I have yet to actually use it.

And it still fails to beat the stencil I finished today, which may also technically be my first piece of fanart ever. It's 2-layered, and I made the starter image by smushing together this:


and this:

By some miracle, it worked:

This stencil is my favorite so far, I think because it required more effort than usual (and with my luck, it really shouldn't have worked). 'Blue' is in reference to the fanfic by mizzmarvel, which I've been following for awhile. I kinda wish it were more obvious that the guy on the right (er, Jeff) is blond-- I might try to enlarge the top-layer highlights in his hair before I stencil it onto fabric.

Also? iPhoto = endless fun. I played around with brightness and contrast and sharpness and got some results I kinda like:

I dunno. Definitely nothing fancy, because I don't know the first thing about working with graphics on the computer, but I think it'll end up looking cool on shirts and whatnot-- even if no one else knows who the boys on fence are meant to be ;)

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